Expert regulatory advice and representation

Regulatory Compliance & Defence

Decisions made by regulatory bodies can have a devastating impact on professionals and their families, including the loss of a license and livelihood. Our lawyers understand how important it is that our clients receive fearless, effective and experienced representation before regulatory bodies and tribunals to defend and protect their reputations and ability to continue to practice in their chosen field.

Professionals and members of regulated industries require lawyers with in-depth knowledge of the statutes, regulations and rules that govern them. Professionals require lawyers that have experience dealing with the demands of regulators and who understand the complexity of legal issues that arise in professional fields and regulated industries. Our lawyers specialize in representing professionals and assisting them in complying with these obligations.

Many regulatory bodies have broad investigatory powers and can take steps to force you to co-operate with and participate in an investigation, including an investigation into your conduct. Our lawyers have considerable expertise assisting clients navigate and comply with the often complicated requests made by regulators, including, challenging summonses to witness, subpoenas and other requests for documents and information made by regulators.

Regulatory investigations and proceedings increasingly take place at the same time as criminal and civil proceedings. Brauti Thorning Zibarras LLP's unique mix of criminal and civil lawyers allows us to deliver a co-ordinated and cost effective defence of those who find themselves caught up in critically important legal proceedings in a number of different forums.

Our lawyers have represented hundreds of clients before administrative tribunals, and also have considerable expertise with appeals and judicial reviews of decisions made by regulatory bodies.